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23min of Ska : Light’s Green, Bring on the Machine

23skaTRUCKERlightsgreenAlright, let’s do this, it’s time to kick it into gear with this session of 23min of Ska! We’ve started strong 2 weeks ago, then we hit the 10yr anniversary last week and now it’s time to power through with some killer ska! Oddly enough, it is apparently ska show season where I live. I saw a bunch of bands a week ago, and I’m seeing another huge group of bands this weekend. And this isn’t so unusual, to be honest! This happens most years, bands tour the South West in order to beat the chill from touring a lot of the rest of the country I guess. It doesn’t matter much because, well, damn, I get to go see some live ska, and there’s nothing wrong with any of that!

00:00 – the KING LION – Cold Sugar (BLANK ’19)
03:26 – Blue Beat Makers – Enamorado de ti (Enamorado de ti ’19)
06:11 – the Inverters – the Show Must Go On (the Show Must Go On ’19)
09:56 – the Boss Beats – Overflow (III ’12)
12:28 – Control This! – Persian Cat Ska (Humble Man ’19)
15:47 – the Skatastrophics – Round Town (Round Town ’19)
20:57 – Parry Gripp – I Got No Money (I Got No Money ’09)

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