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23min of Ska : And the Rudest Is…

This is one of these episodes that doesn’t earn me any new listeners, and probably costs me some, but that I can’t help but love. It’s got ska-core, ska-punk, straight up ska, rock steady, and a long song in a non-English language. These episodes don’t always do well, but they’re always my favorites! It is the variety of the sound that drives my ska fandom, that shall not change.

00:00 – Prize Dink Camp – Happy Thoughts (Unity Sausage ’22)
02:27 – the Best of the Worst – Learn to Live Another Day (Better Medicine ’21)
05:45 – Roy Ellis & Cosmic Shuffling – Shine Your Light On Me (Shine Your Light On Me ’22)
08:42 – the Agents – Nowhere Fast (the 4/22/22 EP ’22)
13:35 – Plenum in der Küche – Vertrieben (Konsensmilch ’22)
17:53 – Sugar Ants – In My Mind (En la Sala / In My Mind ’21)
20:33 – Red Soul Community – Glimmer of Hope (Still Stubborn Vol. 3 comp ’22)

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