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23min of Ska : Communism for Fun and Profit

23skaSOAPI hope all my fine listeners out there have been having a great week! I really do! It’s true, you’re all pretty great! Now, I’m not sure how much of you actually read these descriptions that I write, and I don’t blame you. Rarely do I impart some great blue beat wisdom, some ska secrets or the occasional rocksteady conspiracy, but it is a small outlet to contact all of you who take the time to read it. It’s like that liquid soap you buy at the hippie grocery mart that has writing all over the bottle that you never quite find yourself reading. You didn’t buy the soap or download this podcast for the reading, but isn’t it nice that it is still there anyway?

Cartoon Violence – Vauxhall Nova (What Ever Happened to the Likely Lad? ’09)
Bumpin Uglies – Morning After (Ninjah: Reggae Assasins ’13)
2000 Tons of TNT – Tiger Uppercut (Reggae Mysteria ’12)
Poor Jeremy – Dying Like a Fly in a Cup (Spare Change ’13)
Catch-It Kebabs – 5 Years (Return of Kebabulance ’07)
Squirt Gun Warriors – Lucky Hat (Lucky Hat / Give Me Something to Complain About ’12)
Santiago Downbeat – Fidel Castor (Santiago Downbeat ’12)

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