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23min of Ska : Wrath

23skaWRAITHWhen I started out putting this episode together I didn’t intend to start it off w/ some mid ’90s ska, it just worked out that way. Don’t be mad about it, sometimes I go looking for great modern ska, but sometimes I get reminded of a bunch of great music from when I was younger. So yeah, I dipped back into it, and pulled these awesome tracks to share w/ you. The rest of these songs will join those mid ’90s tracks in the fact that they’ve really gotten stuck in my mind since I’ve heard them. In fact, I had to triple check that I hadn’t used any of them before. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them all as much as I have.

00:00 – Regatta 69 – I Wanna Smack You (Prime Time ’97)
02:50 – Mephiskapheles – Attack of the Geniuses (Maximum Perversion ’97)
04:51 – the Siren Six! – Kill Your Idol (the Voice with the Built in Promise ’97)
09:27 – Smoke Like a Fish – Death of an Angel (Smoke Like a Fish ’02)
13:39 – Guess What – Yin Yang Bind (Yin Yang Bind ’14)
16:19 – Redska – Hooligan Rudeboys (La Rivolta ’12)
20:35 – Hub City Stompers – Where’s My Hooligans (Ska Ska Black Sheep ’09)

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23min of Ska : Fruit Doesn’t Fall Too Far

23skaAPPLEWell look at this awesome bit of ska excitement I have for you all today! This episode here, is, well, it sure is something! A lot of great songs, that’s for sure. Bands from all over. It’s good. This episode came together fast… way too fast, for awhile I was doubting if it was any good, but I checked and checked over the last week, and by golly, it is! This is one I really hope that you enjoy as much as I do, because it was a fun one to put together!

Sammy Kay & the East los Three – Sweet Misery (2.0) (Love Letters ’13)
Jackie Mendez – I Can’t Stay (Introducing… ’13)
Green Room Rockers – Better Way (Green Room Rockers ’10)
the Slackers – Peculiar (Peculiar ’06)
Redska – La Rivolta (La Rivolta ’12)
Dan Potthast – London (Around the World ’12)
Punch the Clown – Sweaty Betty (Caught Red Handed ’94)

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