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23min of Ska : Glazed

Words, words, words. Words arranged into a sentence. Words trying to convey an idea. Shallow statement of support. Trite catchphrase showing solidarity. Buzzword. Mention of genre. New slang to show you’re hip to the kids. Self-deprecating joke. Sincere message of thanks to listeners for their time. Another joke. Words expressing the hope that the listener likes this episode.

00:00 – Reggae Workers of the World – Memories Walk (Reggae Workers of the World ’15)
02:20 – the Middle Volga Social Club – Nikolay Golga (Groovin’ ’17)
05:18 – the Skints – Got No Say (FM ’15)
08:37 – the Toasters – Ploughshares into Guns (New York Fever ’92)
12:04 – the Doped up Dollies feat. Maddie Ruthless – Skin Head (the New Way Out ’15)
15:10 – the Snails – Call Me (Urban Pirate Booty Vol. 5 ’13)
19:07 – les Singes Verts – Personal Jesus (Fellow Men ’17)

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