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23min of Ska : Ska is the Watch Word

Another finely curated episode of 23min of Ska. I hope you all enjoy it, but it was made for a single particular person. I love you all, but I love her more. Happy birthday to the best wife in the business!

00:00 – Derek Christensen – Never Been Sicker!!! (Derek Christensen is a Loser!!!! ’20)
02:38 – The Charlie Taylor Allstars – Young Americans (Young Americans ’21)
07:52 – Rhoda Dakar – the Man Who Sold the World (the Man Who Sold the World ’22)
12:03 – Captain Accident and the Disasters – Changes (Block Buster – Tribute to Glam Rock comp ’21)
15:27 – the Scotch Bonnetes – Let’s Dance (Baltimore does Bowie comp ’16)
20:17 – Inokasira Rangers – Alison (Rangers Patrol 1977 ~ 1982 UK! ’16)

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