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23min of Ska : seventeen magazine

23ska17MAGI’m sleepy. I’ve had several long and strange days. I don’t want to talk about it, but they haven’t been bad, just nothing to brag about. But I will say this. Shaking yourself out of your normal routine can have positive results, so you should try it every now and again.

00:00 – Abraskadabra – Not Your Savior (a Fat Comp ’15)
03:03 – doctormanette – Bonkers (the Same Thing Over & Over ’99)
05:49 – OreSkaBand – Teenagers (What a Wonderful World! Vol. 2 ’09)
09:31 – Yellow Umbrella – Oh Girl (a Thousand Faces ’10)
12:31 – Riddim Cats – Sex in Ibiza (We are the Cats! ’09)
16:04 – the Pharmaceutical Bandits – Teen Idol (Those Damn Bandits ’97)
18:24 – My Man Friday – Sassy Girl (Monkey Business ’97)

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23min of Ska : And Also Featuring

What do we all need. Ok, except for food, drinks and good music, what do we all need? Friends, that’s right, friends. So why do anything alone when we can do it with some good friends. And if we have enough, why not call over a few more? That’s exactly what was happening here, some great groups producing some great music with that little something extra. That is, an extra special guest on the song.

the Forthrights feat. Maddie Ruthless – Jaguar Queen (Head Above Water compilation ’11)
Manic Sewing Circle feat. Todd Hembrook – I Love You Baby (But I Don’t Have the Time) (Summer Spins ’07)
Green Room Rockers feat. Dave Hillyard – Exit 178 (Green Room Rockers ’10)
the Bashments feat. Mr. T-Bone – Festival 11 (the Bashments ’11)
the Pepper Pots feat. Dr. Ring Ding – Stay on Your Way (Shake It! ’07)
Riddim Cats feat. Chris Murray – Think (We Are the Cats! ’09)
Reel Big Fish feat. Monique Powell – She Has a Girlfriend Now (Turn the Radio Off ’96)

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23min of Ska : Foolish

Basically I was foolish to even attempt to do an entire English free podcast. I tried, but Frau Doktor and King Changó just couldn’t help themselves. It’s not that all these groups are particularly foreign either. King Changó is as much from New York as Venezuela, the Kingpins are at least from the French part of Canada and, well, Greenhouse is just a bunch of guys from Naperville, IL that know how to sing in Korean. I’ll admit that intro is a bit of a tease, but it was too fun not to do and a well done cover to boot. Speaking of good covers, the Kingpins take on the new wave “L’Aventurier” is so fantastic it almost makes a case for ska covers. Putting together these songs introduced me to a bunch of bands that I hadn’t heard before, like the Riddim Cats and Firebug who I’d heard of but hadn’t really looked into much, and Frau Doktor whom I found out about specifically looking for a German band for this podcast and became amazed by.

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