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23min of Ska : Murder in the Mountains

23skaGUNGIRLWhew… just under the wire on getting this done on Thursday! Usually, I don’t cut it nearly this close. Hell, this is about 21 and a half hours later that I usually post these up! But I hope you enjoy it, as always I smashed a bunch of songs I’m loving this week into a small musical package for all my fellow ska fans! I hope you all enjoy!

00:00 – Threat Level Burgundy – Never Forgive (the Longest Day ’17)
03:17 – Behind Deadlines – Biochemistry (Status Quo ’16)
06:28 – Boss Riot – Hearts & Hands (What do You Know About Ska Punk Vol. 1 ’17)
09:48 – the Kingpins – Supernova (Plan of Action ’00)
12:30 – Reel Big Fish – Slow Down (Monkeys for Nothin’ and the Chimps for Free ’07)
17:26 – the Dendrites – Sizzle Grizzle (Fly Casual ’13)
20:57 – MC Lars with Suburban Legends feat. Roger Lima – Sublime with Rome (Is Not the Same Thing as Sublime) (the Zombie Dinosaur LP ’13)

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