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23min of Ska Convoy : Nobody Knows Me in this Big Windy Town

23skaTRUCKERconvoyJIMWith all of the craziness surrounding the global COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve found myself listening to a lot more ska. It’s hard to put my finger on why, but I’d liken it to my favorite type of comfort food: not only is it good for the soul but it provides a bit of certainty in these uncertain times. To that end, I picked out a few upbeat tunes that I’m hoping will help provide at least a small distraction. Stay safe out there, and keep washing your hands!

00:00 – the KING LION – Skatman (Blank ’19)
03:06 – the Kubricks – Criminals (Criminals ’20)
05:51 – Roland Alphonso w/ the Skatalites feat. Don Drummond – Nimble Foot (Nimble Foot / Love is Stronger ’65)
08:53 – the Radiation Kings – Murder (Early Years ’99)
13:19 – Deal’s Gone Bad – Be Mine Tonight (Guide to Boat Drinks & Cruise Cocktails ’02)
17:19 – North East Ska Jazz Orchestra – Hard Man fe Dead (Stompin’ & Rollin’ ’15)
20:55 – the Operators – 6 Month Blues (Ain’t it Obvious / 6 Month Blues ’19)

RJ sez: Jim is one half of the very excellent Windy City Sound System, which you should totally have checked out by now! Building on Jim’s picks, I added the new single from the Kubricks and the closing track from the Operators. I had the pleasure of meeting Jim and his WCSS co-star at the Jump Up Records 25th Anniversary show a few years back, and I couldn’t be happier then, and I couldn’t be happier now that they’re still in the game creating their show! Give it up for the Windy City Sound System!

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Special : In the Sixties…

Here’s a special one for you, ska from the 60s! That’s right! An episode dedicated to all those original fine music makers from Jamaica. This isn’t a definitive episode or list of bands, just a little taste of what it was like when these songs were the latest hits.

Desmond Dekker & the Aces – It Miek (It Miek / Problems ’69)
King Perry – Doctor Dick (Doctor Dick / Magic Star ’66)
Lord Brynner & the Sheiks – Congo War (Congo War / Teach Me to Ska ’65)
the Paragons – the Tide is High (On the Beach ’67)
Jimmy Cliff – Miss Jamaica (Miss Jamaica / Gold Digger ’62)
Roland Alphonso – 1,000 Tons of Megaton (1,000 Tons of Megaton / Musical Resurrection ’69)
Don Drummond – Man in the Street (Man in the Street / You are My One Love ’65)
the Ethiopians – the Whip (the Whip / Cool it Amigo ’67)
Derrick & Patsy – Housewives Choice (Housewives Choice / Gypsy Woman ’62)

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