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23min of Ska : And the Rudest Is…

This is one of these episodes that doesn’t earn me any new listeners, and probably costs me some, but that I can’t help but love. It’s got ska-core, ska-punk, straight up ska, rock steady, and a long song in a non-English language. These episodes don’t always do well, but they’re always my favorites! It is the variety of the sound that drives my ska fandom, that shall not change.

00:00 – Prize Dink Camp – Happy Thoughts (Unity Sausage ’22)
02:27 – the Best of the Worst – Learn to Live Another Day (Better Medicine ’21)
05:45 – Roy Ellis & Cosmic Shuffling – Shine Your Light On Me (Shine Your Light On Me ’22)
08:42 – the Agents – Nowhere Fast (the 4/22/22 EP ’22)
13:35 – Plenum in der Küche – Vertrieben (Konsensmilch ’22)
17:53 – Sugar Ants – In My Mind (En la Sala / In My Mind ’21)
20:33 – Red Soul Community – Glimmer of Hope (Still Stubborn Vol. 3 comp ’22)

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23min of Ska : the December Issue!


cover photo by merydolla

This is not a “Best of 2019” list. I dunno, I just usually don’t do that kind of thing. And this year would be so hard, 2019 kicked us all a lot of good ska, and this episode is only a small part of it. So yeah, here’s a load of 2019 ska and ska/punk for you, and if this is the first time you’re hearing some of these bands, kick-ass, look more into them, they’re all rad. And if you have heard some of them before… you’re welcome, these songs are great, I’m sure you’re glad to hear them again!

00:00 – Mr. Kingpin – Cards on the Table (Cards on the Table ’19)
02:35 – Hooray for Our Side – Carousel (Everybody Love Everybody ’19)
05:37 – the Fanculos – Better Late Than Never (the Fanculos Album ’19)
09:28 – Skatax – Tranquilo y Rimbombante (One Shot ’19)
11:32 – K-Man & the 45s – Never Can Tell (Stand with the Youth ’19)
14:39 – Roy Ellis / Mr. Symarip – I’ve Told You to Change Your Evil Ways (Ska Almighty ’19)
18:52 – Derrick Morgan – Judge Dread in Court (Judge Dread in Court / Last Chance ’67)

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