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23min of Ska : Precious Little Life

So, yeah, I wanted to do an episode with a lot of my favorite Canadian bands and pattern it after “Alpha Flight” but that wasn’t coming together. Then I heard the opening track by “Lo(u)ser” and KNEW I needed to do a “Scott Pilgrim” styled episode and then everything just fell right together! Keep the Canadians, add a bunch of other great tracks, and that’s a podcast!

00:00 – Lo(u)ser – Grow Up (Grow Up ’20)
02:18 – Amy Gabba and the Almost Famous – Lies (Heart is Stupid ’19)
05:00 – Rude Boy George – Magnificent 7 (Combat Cancer : a Tribute to the Clash comp ’15)
09:30 – King Kong 4 – dead letter (anything can happen, but almost nothing will ’20)
11:12 – minivandal – Fact Check (Turn Left Here ’18)
13:44 – the Kingpins – All the World’s a Cage (plan of ACTION ’00)
17:02 – Younger Than Neil – Up for Air (la Llorona) (Write New History ’19)
20:03 – Rude Ways – Analog Days (Analog Days ’20)

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Episode artwork by: Bryan Lee O’Malley
Based on his work: Scott Pilgrim

23min of Ska is produced weekly by RJ Phoenix
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23min of Ska : Chocolate

23skaCHOCOICECREAMHere we all listeners, at the end of another set of 23 episodes! That’s right, this is the last scoop of ice cream. These last 23 weeks have had some real ups and downs, but I think we all found a ton of great music along the way despite any other troubles in the world. I know I certainly found a bunch of stuff to groove and jump up and down to! But I’m seeing lists of the top ska albums of 2017 coming out and I’m seeing there’s a whole bunch more I missed! Could there be too much ska out there? …nah!

00:00 – Less Than Jake – Krazy Glue (Losing Streak ’96)
01:58 – Rude Boy George – Driving in My Car (Specialized III : Mad Not Cancer comp ’14)
05:12 – Half Past Two – Proximity (Camp Slushtone ’17)
08:20 – the Kingpins – End of the Parade (plan of ACTION ’00)
11:11 – Rapid – Kosmonawt Andreij (Astronaut Kosmonaut ’17)
14:43 – Cut Capers – Skadiff (Say What ’16)
18:48 – Bomb the Music Industry! – Side Projects are Never Successful (Goodbye Cool World ’06)

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