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23min of Ska : Guarded from Every Direction

23ska8BALLIt’s been a long few weeks listeners, but now is the time to relax, let your guard down and dance. I’ve found that you can’t enjoy life if you’re constantly on guard, waiting for something to go wrong. Things go wrong, you can’t stop that! So just be happy when things are going right and forget all that negative energy!

00:00 – the Longshots – Taking My Time (Borrowed Time ’14)
03:27 – Dr. Jau & the Peanut Vendors – Don’t Forget You Pork Pie Hat (Why Rock When You Can Steady ‘n’ Roll? ’09)
05:54 – the Amphetameanies – Why did Charlie do it? (Goodbye Boyfriend ’08)
07:59 – Black Square – Change (Onward ’08)
12:22 – Green Room Rockers – Seal the Deal (Green Room Rockers ’10)
16:02 – Rudeboy – Sally Brown (Shut Up and Dance ’09)
19:12 – the Pressure – Devotion (the Pressure ’14)

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