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23min of Ska : Dixie Cup on a Clean Channel

23skaTRUCKERdixiecupWhen you’re home a bit more, and you have more time to think about your hobbies… and then you think “Hey, let’s do that follow up episode that you teased a bit ago when you did this episode!” And in my silly way, I figured that this would be the best place for it. So yeah, it’s the “rude girl” episode… no, not all the music is performed by women, but it’s more about the song name, much like the previously linked episode. So enjoy it rude ones, it’s for you!

00:00 – the Skallions – Rude Boys and Girls (Skallion Battalion ’20)
03:06 – Sally and the Monkeys – Ruder Than You (Monkey Business ’20)
05:39 – Skolers – Rude Girl (American Skathic comp ’94)
07:41 – Lone Raspberry – Rude Girl (slow) (Children of the Horn ’96)
09:59 – Juantxo Skalari & la Rude Band – Rudi Not Dead (RUDI RECORDS ’14)
14:20 – Undercover S.K.A. – Rude Girl (We’ve Come for Your Daughter ’95)
18:44 – the Doped Up Dollies – the Rude (the New Way Out ’14)

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