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23min of Ska : It hasta be Ska!

My goodness there’s a lot of great new ska happening in the last few years… I mean… so much and of such quality! I’m trying hard to point out some of these bands for you all, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I love digging through bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and record shops looking for new great sounds, and the new great bands who are making them. And then I love even more getting to share them with all you listeners! Thanks for “tuning in” it means a lot!

00:00 – AKA the Syndicate – Save It (Save It ’21)
03:30 – Ayahuaska – X.Piece.X.Peace.X (Ayahuaska ’19)
06:38 – Barrio Rudo – Chespirito (Chespirito / Indica ’21)
08:45 – Last Edition – Half Drunk at Half Time (Half Drunk at Half Time ’21)
12:19 – Wild Man Riddim – Salska (Panatlantic ’21)
14:54 – Sean Arawjo ft. Luke Jiorle & Mike Nappi – Ruin and Preservation (Dysania ’17)
18:56 – Pinstripe Melee – Can’t Stop Running (Can’t Stop Running ’21)

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23min of Ska : Birthday

Woo hoo! It’s my birthday today (that is, if you’re listening to this on May 25th) and that mean, Imma gonna play whatever the hell I want. Sure, you may think I do that every week, and that’s mostly true, but I’m also looking to play stuff that I think you, my listeners, will enjoy. I go out looking for new and exciting bands to play for you. This week, nah, I just gathered up a load of great tracks that I want to listen to, if you don’t like it, eh, you got no taste. Sorry, buddy, but this stuff here is still the real deal, if you’re not down, scram. Ok… I may’ve started celebratory drinks a bit too early…

00:00 – Sean Arawjo (feat. Najwa Parkins & Andy Moose) – People Stuff (Dysania ’17)
03:35 – the Steady 45’s – Anywhere but Here (Trouble in Paradise ’17)
06:18 – Rude King – Sickness in the City (Sickness in the City ’17)
11:04 – ORESKABAND – Free Now (Slogan ’17)
15:06 – Hooray for Our Side – Looking Up (Overture ’15)
18:05 – Big D & the Kids Table – G.L.D. (Good Luck ’99)
20:02 – the Pietasters – Freak Show (Ooolooloo ’95)

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