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23min of Ska : Halloween Special!

It’s a Halloween Special! How special? Well… you can only hear it on this page, it’s not going in the RSS feed… because it’s a SPECIAL! A SECRET SPECIAL! (I used to do these for another website… but that’s not happening anymore, but if you like horror movies still go check out my pals over at geeknerdery.com!)

00:00 – the Magnetics – Bloody Mary (Cocktails & Fairy Tales Vol. 1 ’20)
02:31 – We Are The Union – You’re Dead / Vampire Ska (You’re Dead / Vampire Ska ’20)
04:59 – Hans Gruber and the Die Hards – We’re All Gonna Die (Hans Gruber and the Die Hards ’17)
07:00 – the Amphetameanies – Ghost Bus (Right Line in Nylons ’00)
09:33 – Llama Tsunami – Re: Your Brains (Werewolves in Space ’16)
13:49 – Lone Raspberry – the Mortician (Children of the Horn ’96)
17:10 – Skandalous All-Stars – Living Dead (Punk Steady ’98)
19:20 – Grave Danger – Cemetrerrium (Tomb it May Concern ’19)

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