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23min of Ska : Ginchy!

I’ve been reading Mike Allred comics pretty much since I got into comics. He’s a guy that makes me still love superhero comics, while bringing his indie idealism into the fold. Kinda like a lot of these bands. Kill Lincoln and Bite Me Bambi are taking that ska/punk sound and totally elevating it! And there’s also great tracks from Shandon, King Kong 4, the Skajects, and Smoke Like a Fish rounding out this episode like Laura Allred’s colors round out Mike’s line work! And that Rude Boy George track? It can’t be a tribute to the Allreds and “Madman” with out a bit of Bowie! (Also, that songs from the upcoming charity album “Block Buster : a Tribute to Glam Rock” Go pre-order it!)

00:00 – Shandon ft. Mr. T-Bone – Wrong Note (Back on Board ’16)
02:47 – Kill Lincoln – Greetings from Inner Space (Can’t Complain ’20)
05:50 – Bite Me Bambi – This Love is Dead (Hurry Up and Wait ’20)
09:32 – King Kong 4 – Going a bit Mad in Our Own Way (There’s Not Much You or I Can do About It ’17)
12:07 – the Skajects – Taken from the Start (Taken from the Start ’20)
15:38 – Smoke Like a Fish – Ready of Not (Smoke Like a Fish ’02)
18:35 – Rude Boy George – Moonage Daydream (Block Buster: a Tribute to Glam Rock ’20)

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Episode Art by Mike & Laura Allred
From the cover of “Popgun” Vol. 1 based on their character Madman

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23min of Ska : Figure 8

23skaCOASTER2Things are coming together!
Get excited for ska!

00:00 – Matamoska! – Grandmaster Smash (Skalluminati ’17)
02:36 – Zero2Panic – Chiminea (Running on Fumes ’17)
05:34 – the Unduster – Ya Mumma (the Red Album ’18)
10:27 – the A-OKs – Drugs in My Face (Maybe Partying Will Help ’15)
12:32 – Shandon (feat. Vic Ruggiero, the Slackers, Count Ferdi & the Bluebeaters) – Skate Ska (Back on Board ’16)
15:05 – the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Closer to Nowhere (While We’re at It ’18)
18:02 – los Revoltosos – te Presento a mi Gente (te Presento a mi Gente ’18)

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