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23min of Ska : Back in the Day…

If there’s two things that ska can’t seem to shake, it’s the ’90s and cover songs. So in that spirit I decided to just lean into it.

00:00 – Kill Lincoln – David Duke is Running for President (Ska Against Racism comp ’20)
01:16 – Be Like Max – Doomsday (Save Us All ’19)
03:30 – the Holophonics – Kiss Me (MaSKArades Vol. 13: Yeah, but Also Check Out Our Original Music ’19)
05:12 – Big D & the Kids Table – Dr. D (Strictly Covered ’19)
08:42 – Skandalous All-Stars – Cannonball (Hit Me ’97)
12:49 – Matt Wixson – Satan is My Motor (Piece of Cake ’20)
15:57 – skameleon – Wannabe (Humba Humba Täterä ’16)
19:20 – Stupid Flanders – Smells Like TMNT (Flanders’ Dozen ’15)

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