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23min of Ska Cross Over : the Rudie Librarian

On YouTube there’s a ska fan that loves books, this man is the Rudie Librarian! He’s a pretty great go to for any kind of book, even comics, and he talks about ska when he fit it in. But hey, it’s not just videos, there’s also a bunch of well written articles too! Brian is very talented and I’m happy to have had him pick a bunch of this episode’s songs!

00:00 – Millington – Beatdown Generation (Beatdown Generation ’20)
03:08 – Skapeche Mode – Personal Jesus (Some Great Rewards Club ’18)
03:30 – the Holophonics – DRC2018 (Phantom Arrival ’18)
09:42 – the Sensations – Everybody Loves Me (the Sensations ’10)
11:29 – the Abruptors – With My Luck (Love & Other Disasters ’19)
14:09 – the JB Conspiracy – Nothing You Can Do (This Machine ’07)
16:19 – Half Past Two – Rock You Out (It’s About Time ’09)
19:52 – Five Iron Frenzy – While Supplies Last (Ska Against Racism comp ’20)

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