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23min of Ska : Turn Your World Upside Down

23skaUpsideI’ll be the first to admit that I don’t listen to enough ska from around the world. I’m mostly fixated on Southern California and the American Midwest. I’ve gotten a bit better at finding bands from Canada and the UK, but I still feel as if I need more of a worldly view. So, in that fashion I went out and dedicated a full episode to Australian ska music. In the end, good music is good music no matter where you come from, but a small highlight like this is worth it every now and again.

the Resignators – Summer Girl Smile (Down in Flames ’13)
the Cat Empire – the Chariot (the Cat Empire ’03)
los Capitanes – Superfish (No Fun Intended ’06)
the Bennies – Better Off Dread (Better Off Dread ’13)
Son of Dad – Something Snapped (the Best Life ’13)
the Allniters – Sally Brown (Another Fine Mess ’00)
Area-7 – Now I Know (Say it to My Face ’01)

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23min of Ska : Night on the Town

23ska-bwplaidWoo! Look at that! Another new episode! As I was putting this together, wanting to go a little old school, I found the new albums from Son of Dad and Smerin’s Anti-Social Club and just had to include some songs from them and it just changed the whole direction of the podcast. There’s a lot of instrumentals on this episode, which also wasn’t intended when building it! I hope that you all enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed finding some of these bands and songs and putting them together!

the Loose Ties – Let’s Go Out Drinking (Champ of the Week ’12)
the Caroloregians – Keep On Upsettin’ (Funkify Your Reggay ’10)
Son of Dad – Thames the Breaks (the Best Life ’13)
Smerin’s Anti-Social Club – Persian Perversion (Primordial Cordials ’13)
the Toasters – I Wasn’t Going to Call You Anyway (Hard Band for Dead ’96)
Westbound Train – Soul Revival (Transitions ’06)
Tommy Tornado feat. Mr. T-Bone – Rock Road (Cool Down ’12)

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23min of Ska : So Ace

Here we go another fresh off the presses (presses?) episode! How fresh is this episode? That second song, the one by the Dropsteppers, that song hasn’t even been out for a week and here it is for you to enjoy! That’s not the only song that’s good, there’s plenty of great ska, ska/punk & rocksteady to enjoy. Seriously get excited for it, every week I’m discovering more and more great bands to share with you all, I just can’t get sick of finding great songs from fantastic bands for this podcast. So get ready to dance or sit back, it is time for some more music hand picked by me, for you, my respected listener.

the Resignators – See You in Hell (See You in Hell ’10)
the Dropsteppers – Hot Mess (Get Up In It! ’11)
Original Middle Age Ska Enjoy Club – Unlicensed, Untitled, and Unwise (Live from the Queen of Hearts ’11)
Don’t Mess With Winkie – Tea Taxes and War Clouds (Self Titled ’11)
Son of Dad – Lost (Straight Outta Brompton ’09)
the Pietasters – Triflin’ (All Day ’07)
the Offenders – Last One of My Friends (Shots, Screams & Broken Dreams ’11)
the Scorchers – Shotgun Wedding (Stuntin’ 05)

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