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23min of Ska : Planet X

23skaPLANETXWhat do you do when everything you’ve ever believed is upended? Do you fall and stay down? No, of course not! You keep on going! Learn new truths, come out better and go kick some more ass at life. You gather your closest friends and family and you fight back for what right in life! Go and do it, you know you can, so prove it.

00:00 – Bombskare – World Turned Upside Down (Fistful of Dynamite ’09)
04:43 – the Bandulus – Evil Doers (the Times We Had ’12)
07:05 – the JB Conspiracy – Going Up in Smoke (the Storm ’13)
10:47 – the Moon Invaders – Why? (the Fine Line ’11)
13:04 – Squid 58 – Cruel to be Kind (Dismantled ’07)
15:55 – the Heat Machine – It’s Your Steve Perry You Can do What You Like (No Coast Dance Party ’09)
19:59 – the 27 Red – Go Crazy (Make Your Game ’03)

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23min of Ska : Stars Disappear, One by One

23ska-yellowplaidTime runs out for the best of us. The most we can do is get out into the world and enjoy it! Some of the bands in this episode are long gone, other have held on for a crazy amount of time! Go see the latter as soon as you can before they become the former. Seriously, everyone, stop complaining about the world and get out in it, it is rewarding, and think of all the stories you can tell later on in life. No one looks back in life and wishes they would’ve done less.

the Boss Beats – Everybody Get Together (II ’11)
the Snails – Death Caught Me (At the Underground Echo Cellar ’12)
Pressure Cooker – You’re the One (What She Wants ’08)
Maskatesta – Simplemente (the Maskatonians All Stars & Friends ’07)
the Moon Invaders – Got a Love (the Fine Line ’11)
Small Town Get Up – Donovan Bailey (No Trade Backs ’13)
Squid 58 – Strangers on a Train (Dismantled ’07)

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23min of Ska : May Mix Tape : the ’00s : Side A (part one)

00mixTapeA1It’s May and that means another mix tape! Hurrah! Now, the ’00s were getting to be a dark time for ska music. Bands were breaking up, switching over to emo and rock and/or dropping their horn sections all together. It was sad. Luckily, two things were going on, some bands were sticking it out and other bands were forming to fill that void. Getting booked wasn’t easy, ska was on its way back underground, but you’d have to be really out of touch to miss these acts. This whole month is dedicated to those bands in the form of a 90min mix tape broken up over a month. Enjoy it, let it take you back, it did for me!

Big D & the Kids Table – Evil Girl / Angry Girl (the Gipsy Hill EP ’02)
Cornerstone 96-98 – Eggshells (Cornerstone 96-98 ’04)
Johnny Nine & the Racers – My Beat (Chin Up ’09)
the Homecoming Queens – Timmy Goes to Summer Camp (a Sound You Once Knew ’08)
the Amphetameanies – the Devil Lives Upstairs (Now! That’s What I Call… ’06)
Squid 58 – the Last Fag (Dismantled ’07)
Monkey – Voice of America (Cruel Tutelage ’06)

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23min of Ska : Hey Ladies

What’s this? A bunch of songs about the ladies? Hells yeah it is! Go crazy! But, for reals, several odes to women, how awesome they are, how much they are missed and even a few about how they’ve done ya wrong. Oh, and that little guy in the picture, that’s my lil two tone cat Mr. Pants. He’s always tryin’ to seduce the ladies. Oh, that Mr. Pants!

Rude City Riot – Victoria (Nothin’ But Time ’11)
Squid 58 – Maria (Dismantled ’07)
Unsteady – Sally (Tightrope ’96)
the Forthrights – Carla (live in Chicago) (Thanks! ’11)
Spring Heeled Jack – Jolene (Songs from Suburbia ’98)
Cartoon Violence – Teresa (Whatever Happened to the Likely Lad? ’09)
the Agents – Sally Brown (401 ’00)
Hub City Stompers – Jenny Whiskey (Dirty Jersey ’06)

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