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23min of Ska : Rerun : Following

23ska-bwplaidSorry about the rerun folks. It’s been a big busy week for me. I was getting an episode together and it just wasn’t enough! So, in an effort to at least get you something, here’s an episode from back when I was averaging about 10 listeners a month! It’s a great episode too! Might as well save it from being lost to the sands of time!

00:00 – Corey Dixon & the Zvooks – Play Those Records (Calm Down ’00)
02:08 – Stretch – Kiss the Bride (Armstrong ’96)
04:34 – Westbound Train – Forever (Five to Two ’05)
08:21 – the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Don’t Worry Desmond Dekker (Medium Rare ’07)
11:54 – 7 Seconds of Love – Twister (Danger is Dangerous ’07)
14:34 – the Usuals – Rocket Reggae (On the Lovers Circuit ’02)
16:41 – the Specials – Gangsters (the Specials ’79)
19:24 – My Superhero – Baggage (SKAteboard Music ’95)

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