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23min of Ska : You Call It Vol. 12

23skaBEERSHey everyone here’s the last of three episodes featuring songs picked by listeners! All these selections come from listeners on /r/ska or from the 23min of Ska facebook page! There were a lot of suggestions made, and there were a few good songs that got dropped. (Honestly, a lot of the leftover tracks had been played on the show before, they’re that good! You listeners sure have taste! Also, there was a few I couldn’t track down and by the looks of things, r/ska is still suggesting a bunch of great tracks that I won’t get to because I’m doing these three episodes so far ahead of time!) Big thanks to Joseph Esposito, GraphMeister, Zikica Ivanovski, Bennett Kobb, shazbotica and 2-Worlds-2-Furious! This episode literally would not be possible without your suggestions. Thanks for your help in making this a better podcast. Tune in next week when we kick off our “theme” for the next 23 weeks.

00:00 – Soul Radics – Wound Too Tight (Down to the Hall ’12)
03:00 – the Hippos – Rock & Roll (Forget the World ’97)
04:59 – Nonstop to Cairo – Skip (Dabble Heavy ’17)
09:30 – Superhiks – Mojot Dom (Underground Evergreens ’17)
12:14 – Choking Victim – 5 Finger Discount (No Gods / No Managers ’08)
14:45 – the JB Conspiracy – the Skeleton Key (the Calm ’12)
17:28 – Insatiable – City in the Boonies (Insatiable ’04)

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