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23min of Ska : Bubblegum

23skaBUBBLEGUMLast time I had a goofy ass idea for an episode I went for it. I thought everyone was going to hate it. Everyone loved it. Shows how much I know. This episode… this episode I almost scrapped as I was uploading it. Why? I once again had a goofy idea and I think everyone will hate it. I don’t hate it. I like it. But I worry. Is this the episode that will lose all my street cred? Do I have any street cred?

00:00 – Party Like It’s… – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ’15)
03:42 – Blondie – the Tide is High (Autoamerican ’80)
08:05 – Paris Hilton – the Stars are Blind (Paris ’06)
11:37 – Vanessa Hudgens & I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On – Everything I Own (Bandslam soundtrack ’09)
16:09 – That Poppy – Lowlife (Bubblebath ’16)
19:30 – Paramore – Caught in the Middle (After Laughter ’17)

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