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23min of Ska Cross Over : Talk the Ska

Hey, have you all been checking out my boy Mattie and the Talk the Ska podcast? It’s a lot like this show, only Mattie talks to you about what you just listened to. Me, I want to make you read, like a jerk, Mattie, he’s got your back, he’s the fun ska podcaster! But it’s what made Mattie a good call to collaborate on this episode with! Hope you all enjoy!

00:00 – Let’s Get Dangerous – Never Lonely (Demo ’16 ’16)
03:26 – Royal City Riot – the Extra Mile (Whatever You Please ’09)
07:00 – Simple Minded Symphony – Wave Breaker (Wave Breaker ’20)
10:19 – Secret Society – Misfits (…Can I Borrow Your Beard? ’97)
13:37 – Cut Capers – Pinstripe Tux (the Pinstripe EP ’12)
16:22 – Train’s Tone – Clifford Brice (Birth of Hope ’07)
21:34 – the Decepticonz – Big Purple Bus (Rot Your Brain ’98)

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