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23min of Ska : Sun Set Ska

At the end of the day yesterday I was standing in line waiting for my car, that’s right, at 11:59 PM I was saying “Where the hell is my crappy car?” jokingly to a small crowd of ska fans. How did I know they were ska fans? Well, I’d just spend the last few hours dancing, drinking and singing along w/ this group of like minded individuals at the Summer of Ska tour. I can honestly say it was a great time! I haven’t been to a ska show on that level in a long time, and it didn’t disappoint! Thanks, Suburban Legends, Big D & the Kids Table and Reel Big Fish for putting on a hell of a show in Hollywood last night! This episode is dedicated to all the crazy awesome ska fans I met there last night! Like Matt, Ro, Edwardo, the kid who looked like Percy Jackson & his two friends and a big kudos to Brian Klemm, who remains the nicest guy in the world.

Razika – Nytt Pa Nytt (Program 91 ’11)
the Delirians – Agua De Limon (the Delirians ’12)
the Amphetameanies – Desert Culture (Now! That’s What I Call the Amphetameanies ’06)
Big D & the Kids Table – (We All Have to) Burn Something (How it Goes ’04)
Dan P. & the Bricks – Sweat for It (Watch Where You Walk ’12)
the First Chairs – It’s Okay (Plastic & Prestige ’12)
Show Me Island – So Long for Something (MV:MMXII ’12)
Reel Big Fish – What are Friends For (Cheer Up! ’04)

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