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Special : You Call it : Vol. 8

Once again I’ve turned to the wise and wonderful listeners of this very podcast. I asked them to give me the very best songs by under rated bands. They were right, this is some great music by some bands that sometimes get crowded out. We need to remember these act, they are the life blood of the ska sound! Great music brought to me by great listeners! Hope you enjoy!

00:09 – Last Martyrs of a Lost Cause – Another Rainy Night (Sunrays to Starlight ’09)
02:58 – Slow Gherkin – How Now Lowbrow (Shed Some Skin ’98)
07:32 – Edna’s Goldfish – 24 (Before You Knew Better… ’97)
09:50 – the Golfcart Rebellion – Unity Ska (Make Way for Progress ’07)
13:08 – Stray Bullets – Wretched Refuse (…the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune ’12)
16:19 – KEMURI – PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) (Ska Bravo ’15)
19:04 – High School Football Heroes – Surfing Channels and Killing Time (We’ve Fooled Around Long Enough ’06)

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