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23min of Ska : the Deadliest Drop!

Man is life full of ups and downs. At one minute you’re having a great day, eating a taco, the next thing you know a bird swoops down and steals that taco, but then you have a sweet ska podcast to listen to. See, ups and downs!

00:00 – JER – You got Yr —- Card Revoked! (BOTHERED / UNBOTHERED ’22)
03:11 – Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra ft. midories, Neru Nagahama, Katakura High School Wind Orchestra – Tsubame (Tsubame ’22)
07:32 – Drewvis – My My, Ouso Eyes! (My My, Ouso Eyes! ’22)
10:51 – Inokasira Rangers – Teenage Kicks (Rangers Patrol 1977~1982 UK! ’16)
13:14 – the Hacklers – Rude Bhoy (Another Round ’20)
17:14 – Joker’s Republic ft. Buddy Schuab – Necessary Evil (Necessary Evil ’22)
20:04 – the Hostiles – Resentment (Party Cup! ’18)

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Thanks to Felix the Void for providing himself for this episode!