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23min of Ska : Journey into Amazing Tales of the Uncanny

Ok, it’s back to just me, your pal RJ Phoenix to ride out the rest of the year with on this podcast! I love so many of the songs on this week’s episode that I had a little too much silly fun w/ the art and title… in which I botched making the title of the episode more visual than the name of the podcast… eh, win some, lose some! Enjoy!

00:00 – Eat the Evidence – Human Beings (Sex, Drugs & Wishy Washy Politics ’17)
03:27 – the Inevitables – Barely Kids (the Inevitables ’20)
06:34 – Brainwreck – Think of Phoenix (Charlie ’18)
08:22 – MU330 – the Punisher / Downtown (Chumps on Parade ’96)
13:04 – Call Me Malcolm – Also, Spiders (Me, Myself and Something Else ’20)
16:22 – Yum!Yum!ORANGE – CARTOON HEROES (Orange Juice ’04)
19:40 – the Vengers – Suite N-3 (Push This? ’95)

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