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23min of Ska : There’s No Reason Not to Go

23skaHAWAIIANIf you think you should be going somewhere, go. Don’t put it off. Don’t make up a ton of excuses not to go do that thing. It is imperative. Go. We are here to go! We’re not on the Earth to rest on our laurels and watch the world keep passing us by. Don’t stay stationary, go! For the love of all things, go! And don’t stop until you get there. Keep at it. Never settle. Rule your life. There is no reasons not to do these things.

00:00 – the Delegators – I Don’t Mind (All Aboard ’13)
03:05 – the Last Slice – Salena (Fresh Cuts ’12)
06:40 – Stop the Presses – Under Our Beds (Does it Still Look Pretty ’11)
09:36 – My Superhero – Another Kind (Solid State 14 ’97)
12:40 – Mrs. Skanotto – I Don’t Care (Outlier ’14)
15:24 – Bobby Pins & the Saloon Soldiers – No Reason (Dancing on the Moon ’09)
19:10 – the One Droppers – Feeling Fine (the Big One ’11)

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