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the MIBs – the MIBs

The MIBs (short for Men in Black) were a mid 90s ska band from Peoria IL that I grew up seeing every chance I got. This is their first recording, and I must admit, they got much better, and were awesome live. They were a very traditional ska band, and when I was younger it wasn’t really the kind of ska stuff I gravitated to, but they always brought the goods live so I was happy to toss down my $2 – $5 to see them play. My brother and I would even dress up in our plaid suits to go and see them play anywhere and well as with plenty of other regional ska bands like Roscoe P. Soultrane and the Parka Kings. Members of the MIBs went on to form the (short lived) Ruschies, who in turn eventually became Corey Dixon & the Zvooks. When they were known as Corey Dixon & the Zvooks is about the time I went from fan to friend with some of the members. Corey, J.T. and Anthony were some of the nicest guys hang out with. Enter a late night diner all alone and if you saw them they’d always invite you to sit with them to while away the time. Corey Dixon & the Zvooks played several shows along (my band) 1209towanda, were always super supportive of us and Corey once even served up some inspiration for our Christmas show. Like I said, wonderful group of guys. After several tours of Europe they shortened their name to the Zvooks and eventually broke up. Members of that band went on to form the Drastics. And thus concludes your Midwest ska history lesson! The songs here today are from their long out of print 7″. Two of the songs “Commitment” and “Ant Dance” also made it onto to the even more obscure “Perverts, Freaks & Weirdos” compilation CD.

Side A

Side B
Just for Kicks
Ant Dance

Front, Back & the Record