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23min of Ska : the Discovery of the Secret Basement Show

Oh I am so excited to share this episode with you! Kicking it off w/ 2 brand new high energy songs from Coolidge and Cartoon Violence! Two of my favorite current bands bringing us all new music! Not that the rest of the tracks aren’t awesome, because they are, JER, Runaway Ricochet, WST Ska Orchestra, Small Town Get Up and the Fuss are also some of my very favorites, and favorites to share w/ you. Also the Moan, just discovered them and really wanted to share this track, hope you enjoy!

00:00 – Coolidge – I don’t Wanna Hang Out (Condition Transmission ’21)
01:56 – Cartoon Violence – Friend or Foe (Friend or Foe ’21)
05:18 – the Moan – Bang Bang (Why Wait for Love? ’20)
07:42 – JER – Breaking News! Local Punk Doubts Existence of Systemic Racism (Breaking News! Local Punk Doubts Existence of Systemic Racism ’20)
10:37 – Runaway Ricochet – Spunk (Gas Station Culture ’18)
14:05 – WST Ska Orchestra feat. Greg Lee & Alex D├ęsert – Artibella (Big Band Tribute to the Skatalites, Vol. II ’15)
16:02 – Small Town Get Up – Beautiful (Time and Space ’21)
19:23 – the Fuss – On the Run (Ourselves ’18)

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