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23min of Ska : Ska Speed and a Hep Touch

Got another top notch episode of 23min of Ska here for all of you! In the last 24hrs there was an outpouring of love for what I’m doing here w/ 23min of Ska, and I gotta say, I didn’t expect it and it almost made me tear up a bit. I love you all, I love that we all love ska, and I love that you listen to this silly little show! Thanks, and you all rule!

00:00 – Panic Bomb – Scrutiny (Under the Microscope ’21)
02:10 – Rude City Riot – the Castle (Shady Schemes & Molotov Dreams ’21)
05:07 – Redeemon – Operation Burnout (Redeemon ’22)
10:08 – M’Ghadi ft. Michael Hirst – Influenska (M’Ghadi ’21)
12:36 – ghost tones – Stunted (Strange Terrain ’21)
16:12 – Le Grand Miércoles – Lone Gunman Theory (Lone Gunman Theory ’19)
18:40 – the Nix86 – the Storm (Horses ’21)

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23min of Ska : How Dare You Sir or Ma’am!

23ska-bwplaidOver the Summer when I was posting episodes of this podcast, for several episodes in a row I kept getting comments that were, frankly, kinda mean. I like doing this podcast, because I like ska music, traditional as well as stuff like ska/punk. These rude comments were pretty much always on the more ska/punk episodes. Now, said person has stopped coming around to cause some trouble, but as I put this episode together, I just couldn’t help but smile, knowing how much they would hate it. Sometimes I’m a bitch too.

Bomb the Music Industry! – the First Time I Met Sanawon (Adults!!!… Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited by Nothing!!!!!!! ’10)
the Nix86 – This I Promise You (Evil Empurr ’12)
Less Than Jake – Good Enough (See the Light ’13)
the Hippos – Far Behind (Heads are Gonna Roll ’99)
the Pietasters – Girl Take it Easy (Oolooloo ’95)
the Skints – Up Against the Wall Riddim (Part & Parcel ’12)
Bruce Lee Band – Dianna (Community Support Group ’14)

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23min of Ska : Hello to New Life

23ska-blueplaidHere we go! Another week of great ska music! Old & new, from near and far, by friends and strangers, it’s all good stuff. This is the 111th episode of 23min of Ska all together, sure, I count the specials, bonuses, guest episodes and interviews differently, but that’s still 111 23 minute chunks of ska out in the world! Technically this is episode 73 of the regular standard 23min of Ska show, and that still BLOWS MY MIND! A little idea back in December of 2009 that started on Jan 23rd of 2010 has grown a lot! Thanks for sticking around, seriously! Enjoy the music!

the Pomps – A Shaky Truce (Top of the Pomps! ’12)
Sammy K & the East Los Three – Maybe (I’ll Take You Back) (Sammy K & the East Los Three ’12)
Stretch – Rodent Deoderant (Armstrong ’96)
Bombskare – Damaged Goods (Fistful of Dynamite ’09)
the Nix86 – I’m Sorry (Evil Empurr ’12)
Rude King – Love Bomb (Ruder, Better, Faster, Stronger ’11)
Johnny Socko – When the Bough Breaks (Oh, I Do Hope it,s Roast Beef! ’95)

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23min of Ska : Roll ‘Em

When getting into new ska bands, it is always a gamble. They could be good, they could be great, or they could outright suck. In this case, each of these albums I got with little to no knowledge of the songs on them, and everything turned out awesome! Totally awesome! I’m more than extremely pleased to share all these songs with all the listeners. Pay attention to the 3rd track by Infamous Jake & the Pinstripe Mafia, if you like it, check out the kickstarter campaign to re-release the album this track comes from on vinyl. All the proceeds go to charity, so not only are you rocking out, you’re rocking out for a good cause. Time to do some good and dance, let’s roll!

Catch-It Kebabs – Bluelight (Return of the Kebabulance ’07)
the Action League – Mundo Loco (Mundo Loco ’10)
Infamous Jake & the Pinstripe Mafia – If Assholes Got Awards, I’d Have a Trophy Case (This is the Beginning of the End ’03)
the Georgetown Orbits – On My Good Days (Super Sonic ’11)
Beat the Red Light – the Scene is Under Attack (Beat the Red Light ’10)
the Nix86 – Step on the World (Relate, Reject, Repeat ’10)
the Articles – Dragonfly (Flip F’real ’97)

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