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Special : In the Sixties… Vol. 4

23Ska60sBack, once again, is an episode of some fine ska from the original source. I know I usually play more modern ska on this podcast, but sometimes I think we need to hear the roots of the sound we love so much. This stuff is so good! I always vow to play more of it, but I don’t always get the chance, so here it is, and I hope you enjoy it. Note: the last three songs on here are all in contention for being “the first ska song” and they all came out and or were recorded around the same time, listen and decide for yourself!

00:00 – Laurel Aitken – Boogie in My Bones (Boogie in My Bones / Little Sheila ’60)
02:41 – Lloyd Terrel – Bang Bang Lulu (Bang Bang Lulu / I Never Knew ’68)
05:42 – the Paragons – Silver Bird (So Close to You / Silver Bird ’68)
08:23 – Roy Richards & the Soul Vendors – Summertime (Give Me a Little More Time / Summertime ’68)
11:38 – Max Romeo – Wet Dream (a Dream with Max Romeo ’69)
14:24 – Theophilus Beckford with Clue J and His Blues Blasters – Easy Snapping (Easy Snapping / Proof Rum ’59)
17:10 – the Folkes Brothers – Oh Carolina (Oh Carolina / I Met a Man ’60)
19:50 – the Blues Blasters – Pine Juice (Pine Juice / Little Willie ’60)

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Special : In the Sixties…

Here’s a special one for you, ska from the 60s! That’s right! An episode dedicated to all those original fine music makers from Jamaica. This isn’t a definitive episode or list of bands, just a little taste of what it was like when these songs were the latest hits.

Desmond Dekker & the Aces – It Miek (It Miek / Problems ’69)
King Perry – Doctor Dick (Doctor Dick / Magic Star ’66)
Lord Brynner & the Sheiks – Congo War (Congo War / Teach Me to Ska ’65)
the Paragons – the Tide is High (On the Beach ’67)
Jimmy Cliff – Miss Jamaica (Miss Jamaica / Gold Digger ’62)
Roland Alphonso – 1,000 Tons of Megaton (1,000 Tons of Megaton / Musical Resurrection ’69)
Don Drummond – Man in the Street (Man in the Street / You are My One Love ’65)
the Ethiopians – the Whip (the Whip / Cool it Amigo ’67)
Derrick & Patsy – Housewives Choice (Housewives Choice / Gypsy Woman ’62)

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