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23min of Ska : Spanish Blood

23skaGUNGIRLCan’t lie, won’t lie, this episode started out, well, as a pretty regular 23min of Ska episode… then I thought “with a title like “Spanish Blood” I should at least get some Spanish in this episode.” Then things took a turn for the better, or rather, a turn for the awesome. I hope you dig it, I enjoyed digging into some artists that while I was familiar with, I never had taken the time to get to know a lot better, so I got to know them┬áto get this great bunch of songs together! Thusly, we all benefit!

00:00 – South Central Skankers – Lonely Girl (Insomnia ’13)
03:18 – Run and Punch – John Henry (Sorry Doll ’16)
05:55 – Profesor Galactico – No Me Importa (No Me Importa ’16)
08:50 – Punch the Clown – Untitled (the Secret Life of Punch the Clown ’98)
11:43 – los Kung-Fu Monkeys – Stretch Your Hand (Rudeboy Rockers ’15)
14:30 – the Paranoias – #Cute (Chales. ’15)
15:55 – Pressure Cooker – Lola (Burning Fence ’03)
18:06 – los Kaites – Se Vende (Desde el Imperio de le Decandencia ’12)

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