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23min of Ska : …and a Cherry on Top

wait… aren’t cats lactose intolerant?

00:00 – Stop the Presses – Terminator (Got It ’22)
03:27 – the Kubricks – the Resistance (the Resistance ’22)
06:51 – Big Bullet Allstars – Likki Likki (Raiders of the Last Tape ’22)
09:12 – the PMR Ska Collective – On Top of the World (On Top of the World ’22)
13:21 – Skabalaba – Jaco Caco (Czas na SKA! ’22)
15:25 – the Busters – Enjoy Yourself (Make a Move ’98)
18:55 – Blue Beat Makers – Luz Eterna (Enamorado de ti ’19)

If you want to jam out to this episode at anytime, feel free to download it!

23min of Ska is produced weekly by RJ Phoenix
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Thanks to the Kubricks for sharing the guitarist’s cat with us for this episode!