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23min of Ska : the Stubborn Records Special!


cover photo: John McGall

I wish I could say that this episode is a trip down memory lane, that I’m just playing you all the cool shit I was into back in the late ’90s, specifically the stuff from Stubborn Records… but alas, I ain’t that cool. I don’t know how Stubborn was such a blind spot to me for so long, but they were, and I really didn’t start exploring their catalog until the mid-’00s. And man or man there was a wealth of fantastic stuff to find and listen to! Bless King Django for bringing us this label and allowing it to get all of us some very fine fine music to listen to!

00:00 – Skinnerbox – I Got to Know (Hepcat Season / I Got to Know ’98)
02:43 – Rocker-T and the Version City Rockers – I Have to Say (Nicer by the Hour ’98)
05:39 – Vic’s Pick – Gravity (Version City ’98)
07:53 – the Radiation Kings – Spending Time (Early Years ’99)
11:53 – King Django and the Forthrights – Anywhere I Roam (Anywhere I Roam / Other People ’09)
15:06 – Hub City Stompers – Ska Ska Black Sheep (Ska Ska Black Sheep ’09)
16:50 – the Snails – the River (the River ’12)
20:32 – the Screw-Ups – Reach Out (No Time to Waste ’16)

Visit Stubborn Records to find more great music : stubbornrecords.com

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23min of Ska : Power, the Energy and the Upbeat

23ska roofHere’s a fat bunch of ska, rocksteady and ska/punk to fill your ears with! A bunch of great songs! Kicked off with a lost-ish/obscure-ish tune from Goldfinger followed by a song that I’ve never been able to shake out of my head from the Forthrights that I was shocked to find I hadn’t previously played on the podcast. Then there’s an older song from the Amphetatmeanies while I wait for their latest album to finally come out! Speaking of new albums, I’ve included a song from the Georgetown Orbits’ new album that should be coming soon! Then we have the Screw-Ups, who are a great band, so check out their EP, every song on it is great! The Boss Beats were a local act out of L.A. that I got to see and I loved them, but they are no longer together, still the music lives on in my heart and on this podcast. We wrap up w/ a song that I’ve had for a while, but misplaced, so thanks to the A-OKS for being so patient, a great group of guys and providing a killer song to boot! I haven’t done a song breakdown like this in a while. I usually refrain from it, as I find it a little dry in some respects, but I understand that not everyone wants to read my take on the philosophies of life like I usually put up.

00:00 – Goldfinger – Seems Like Yesterday (Meet the Deedles soundtrack ’98)
02:55 – the Forthrights – Lord I Pray (the Forthrights ’12)
06:09 – the Amphetameanies – Life without You (Right Line in Nylons ’00)
09:11 – the Georgetown Orbits – Holding the Key (Third Rock Steady ’14)
13:45 – the Screw-Ups – Don’t Care Much (EP ’13)
16:44 – the Boss Beats – Foolish (III ’12)
20:17 – the A-OKs – Anarchy in the Pre-K (Funemployment Benefits ’14)

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23min of Ska : Let’s Kick it Off Once More

23ska-bwplaidI think I typed way too much last week, so I’m keeping the write up simple this time. Here’s a great episode of great ska bands that I hope you will enjoy! Have a great week!

Rude King – Open for Business (It’ll Probably be Alright ’13)
Monkey – Walking on Coals (Lost at Sea ’09)
Isaac Green & the Skalars – Spoiled Brat (Skoolin’ with the Skalars ’96)
Maddie Ruthless feat. the Forthrights – Twist the Knife (Maddie Ruthless and Friends ’12)
the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Royal Oil (Let’s Face It ’97)
the Screw-Ups – Lie Awake (EP ’13)
Squirt Gun Warriors – Breadwinner Homemaker (Don’t Fence Me In ’14)

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23min of Ska : And the Horsemen Shall Ride

23skaPumpkinThe night is getting longer, as well as getting colder out. This is the turning point, there’s just a few more weeks of outdoor time before you only leave you living space for transport to work, food or music. No more frolicking in nature for most of you, and if there is, not for very long. This is the time to grab a warm cider, step outside and enjoy it while you can, much like everything else, it is fleeting, so grab it now!

Look at that lovely logo! That Ska-O-Lantern carved by Geoff Henkle! It was part of the annual Ska-O-Lantern contest put on by my buddy Miles! Geoff wins this Honorable Mention for now, good luck in the finals Geoff!

Big D & the Kids Table – Breaking the Bottle (Strictly Rude ’07)
Highball Holiday – Playground (Highball Holiday ’97)
the Screw-Ups – Watch Yourself (EP ’13)
el Gran Miercoles – Veracruz 4 (This is Surf-Steady ’11)
the Delegators – I Didn’t Mean to Break Your Heart (All Aboard ’13)
Bombskare – Panic Button (Fistful of Dynamite ’09)
the Pomps – Right My Ship (Top of the Pomps! ’12)
Stretch – Tug of War (Armstrong ’96)

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