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23min of Ska : Strawberry Jelly Filled

23skastrawberryjamNothing is True.
Everything is Possible.

It’s a big world out there.
Watch out for yourself, and try to your best to help others.
Good luck.

00:00 – the Pomps – Mitt’s a Twit (Indie Rock is Dying ’16)
02:22 – the Sentiments – You Don’t Know (Hi-Fi ’16)
05:40 – Abraskadabra – Tonight (Grandma Nancy’s Old School Garden ’12)
08:49 – Big D & the Kids Table – Hell on Earth (Strictly Rude ’07)
11:48 – the Branlarians – Dirty Western (the First and Maybe the Only! ’13)
14:55 – the Indecision – Come and Go (the Indecision EP ’12)
17:30 – the Toasters – Too Much Happening (New York Fever ’92)
20:19 – the Beat – Two Swords (I Just Can’t Stop It ’80)
22:29 – Dan Potthast – Alternative Facts (from a Facebook video ’17)

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23min of Ska : This One Time at Bandcamp

23ska-beerTry as I might to make it out to concerts, listen to other shows, check in on music news and purchase records from my favorite labels and stores to find good bands, sometimes it is just as much fun to dive head first into the internet and blindly sample a host of bands that I’ve never heard of before! This is the result of one of those searches. All except for Monkey, all of these bands were new to me! The Sentiments I found on elsewhere as a “suggestion” but the rest were all culled from a few days spent checking out various ska bands on Bandcamp.com. I certainly hope that site isn’t doing anything untoward or ripping off those bands, because I think it is pretty great! Then again, any site that can give fans easy access to great music will always be something that I’m a fan of! Now, go forth and check out these bands and think about grabbing some more of their music for yourself!

Monkey – Hot Lunch (Lost at Sea ’09)
the Sentiments – Please Stop Your Lyin’ (the Sentiments ’12)
Classy San Diego – Queen of the World (Last Call ’13)
Tree House Fire – Around Here (We Try Not to Think Like That) (Rocket! ’12)
the Brass Action – Jack Kerouac (Making Waves ’13)
Miserable Man – Rocksteady Beat (Meet the Shark ’13)
East Park Reggae Collective – Love Radar (Three Stripe Science ’11)
Big Mandrake – Yo Quiero (la Fantástica Máquina Mágica ’12)

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