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23min of Ska : Fourth Dimention

23skaCOASTER4Hello friends, I hope that this episode is finding you well. It’s been another long week, but man oh man are we in “new ska season!” So many great releases just since the last episode! The Fuss, the Sentries, and Flip & the Combined Effort are all seriously fresh. Not to say that the new album from the Stupid Stupid Henchmen is more than a week or too old either! I truly hope you enjoy this fine selection of music and that it adds just a little to your day.

00:00 – the Fuss (DC) – Fifteen Pills (Ourselves ’18)
03:42 – the Stupid Stupid Henchmen – DTI (Chill Out and Die Later ’18)
05:55 – the Sentries – Renegade (Hot Session ’18)
08:46 – the Bar Stool Preachers feat. Vic Ruggiero – Looking Lost (Blatant Propaganda ’16)
12:58 – Death of Guitar Pop – Sweet Sensation (69 Candy Street ’17)
16:42 – the Pomps – Golden Fleece (the Pomps Save the Queen ’14)
19:18 – Flip and the Combined Effort – An Open Apology (This EP has No Theme ’18)

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