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23min of Ska Interviews : the Shifters

1. This episode is longer than 23 minutes
2. There is a lot of talking

The reason for that notice is that I’m talking to the Shifters, a great ska/rocksteady/reggae band out of D.C. and I wouldn’t want to cut them short or deny any of you listeners a thing they have to say or some of their music. It had to happen this way, and you’ll be glad I didn’t short change you. The Shifters are going on a short Southern California tour next week, so I want everyone to know about that too, and show up, and dance, and have a great time!

The Shifters Southern California Halloween Tour:
Oct. 30 at the Slidebar in Fullerton, CA w/ Chris Murray
Oct. 31 at Boars Cross’n in Carsbad, CA
Nov. 1 at the Tin Can in San Diego, CA w/ 2000 Tons of TNT and Ottly Mercer
Nov. 2 at Resurrection Ride in Los Angeles, CA

Nov. 21 the Final Blue Beat DC show w/ Chris Murray, Sammy Kay and the Snails

Visit the Shifters on their facebook and on their bandcamp page.

photo of the Shifters by Apuesta por el Rock
also, here’s the download for this episode