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23min of Ska : Brush Your Teeth & Comb Your Hair

23skaTRUCKERbrushI always threaten to make an episode like this, but I usually back out (except that time that I didn’t!) This time, after hearing that great new Heavesbee track, I knew I had to go for it again! That’s right, it’s a totally “rude” episode! This one is for the lads, but don’t fret ladies, your time will come soon enough!

Here again, we have music from all over the world as well as from the last 20 odd years, as you know, I like to keep it modern where I can. There really is so much good ska since the hey-day of the ’90s that I can’t believe how blessed we are in the ska community. As always, this episode is the tip of the iceberg, follow those links, get some more music in you head and heart and see these bands live when/if you get the chance!

00:00 – Heavensbee feat. Mista Rhee – Rude! Original! Suave! (We Mean Business ’20)
04:33 – Black Square – Rudeboy (To the Hills ’19)
08:50 – los Kung-Fu Monkeys – Rude Boy Rockers (Rudeboy Rockers’15)
10:58 – the Ska Vengers – Rudeboy Skank (the Ska Vengers ’13)
14:08 – the 27 Red – Rude Boy (Make Your Game ’03)
17:40 – el Grande – Rudeboy and Rasta (Brick City Sound ’19)

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23min of Ska : Post Christmas Coma & Depression

23ska-xmasTwo things are on tap for today, either you still have the day off to lounge around and treat your hangover & overstuffed tummy right, or you’re back in the office. I’m one of the latter, so right now I’m basically staving off being resentful of capitalism. This episode will get me through it. Come on, a new song from Johnny Socko, a great brand new song from the Dendrites and a song that will be out in a few weeks from Be Like Max! To top it off there’s even Sammy Kay reminding us to keep a Positive Mental Attitude, so I guess things COULD be worse and I need to lighten up. Sometimes I need the music to remind me not to be such a stick in the mud.

Sammy Kay & the East los Three – I Can Change (Love Letters ’13)
MU330 – X-Mas Card (Crab Rangoon ’97)
the Ska Vengers – (Why Don’t You) Do it Right (the Ska Vengers ’13)
Be Like Max – Bring on the Suits (Just Tryin’ to Fit in… Ur Mom ’14)
the Dendrites – Turkey Shoot (Fly Casual ’13)
Johnny Socko – Jackknife (Burning Bridges) (Jackknife (Burning Bridges) ’13)
Reel Big Fish – Valerie (Cheer Up! ’02)

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23min of Ska : Day in the Park

23ska-yellowplaidI want to go to the park. Go to the park and put on some good music and dance. Dance my ass off. It would be great. Ska music, sunshine and nature. Happiness would abound. But for many it is too cold for all that, so put on this episode and think of those times, let it be a reminder of what is in the coming months. The sun and warmth is coming, but the ska beat will ever be at your side to guide you towards it.

the Pressure – Walkin’ (Walkin’ ’11)
the Ska Vengers – the Boy Who Radiates That Charm (Ska Vengers ’13)
Johnny Nine and the Racers – Watch Out! (Chin Up ’09)
the Pinstripes – Set Me Free (the Decay ’07)
Bim Skala Bim – Wise Up (How’s it Goin’? ’90)
Deal’s Gone Bad – Messin’ Around (the Ramblers ’07)
Jimmy the Squirrel – Swings and Roundabouts (Whatever the Weather ’10)
Assekes – Mero (En Poques Paraules ’12)

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