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23min of Ska : Old Fashioned

Here’s what I was originally cooking up last week! A whole episode chock full of classic ska. I really can’t believe that I haven’t played most of these before. I know some of the mastering of these songs is a little shoddy, and even bought some new ones because the transfer is so much better on comps that came out a few years ago vs. the comps I bought back in the ’90s. This is the roots, this is the good stuff, hope you enjoy!

00:00 – Millie – Oh, Henry (Sweet William / Oh, Henry ’64)
01:49 – Derrick Morgan – Do the Beng Beng (Do the Beng Beng / Revenge ’68)
03:56 – Prince Buster and the All Stars – Hard Man fe Dead (Hard Man fe Dead ’67)
07:14 – The Original Ska-Talites – Lee Oswald ‎(Ska Authentic ’67)
10:09 – Laurel Aitken & the Blue Beats – Bar Tender (Bar Tender ’61)
12:39 – Keith & Ken – I don’t Love You Anymore (Jamaican Jerk ’66)
14:41 – the Wailers – Rude Boy (Rude Boy / Ringo’s Theme ’65)
16:58 – the Ska Kings – Oil in My Lamp (Jamaican Ska / Oil in My Lamp ’64)
19:19 – Toots and the Maytals – Pressure Drop (Sweet and Dandy ’68)

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23min of Ska : Midway

Here we are at the half way mark of the first year of “23min of Ska” and I think it has went pretty well. Originally I was only going to be doing one episode a month, so this would be the end, but no, I had to go and double it up and spread the ska love far and wide! Speaking of love and ska I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve worked the Skatalites into an episode! They are way too good! And Half Past Two I’ve been waiting to play for people since I first saw them at the LA 3 Floors of Ska a few years ago! All in all, this first 6 months of “23min of Ska” has taught me one thing, you can only prepare so much. This very podcast only contains 2 of the songs I was originally going to put in it! It was almost completed and I had 2min left to fill, that’s when things went out the window. One song didn’t follow the last so well, a few were too short and ended up being better picks so what to delete? It went like this for a while and I ended up with this, far superior than what I’d been intended to send out! Once again, I hope you enjoy the music and you share your enjoyment with others.

If you’re in a ska band and would like to be featured or if you know some music that you think I should hear for future inclusion, please email me at radjose[at]gmail[dot]com! I’ll play most anything.

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