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23min of Ska : the Bronze Door

23skaGUNGIRLI don’t get personal here too much, but man did I have a suck day at work. I’m overtired, overstressed, and over everything. Then I sit down and start picking out songs for this episode. It starts to melt away. Not all of it, but enough to keep me pushing towards the weekend. Hope this episode can help you in the same regards

00:00 – the Skints – Come to You (FM ’15)
02:27 – the Snails – I’ll be Back Someday (Songs from the Hydrogen Jukebox Volumes 1 & 2 ’14)
05:47 – Skavoovie & the Epitones – Lucy (the Growler ’99)
08:24 – the Shifters – Skinhead Reggae (No Worries ’14)
11:07 – Dan Potthast – I Went In (Eyeballs ’99)
12:59 – Sonic Boom Six – All the Same to Me (the F-Bomb ’16)
16:00 – the Doped Up Dollies feat. Coolie Ranx – Be Free (the New Way Out ’15)
19:58 – the Copacetics – No Fool (Ska Royal ’16)

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