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23min of Ska : Mix Tape : the ’10s Side B (part 2)

MixTape00-SideBPart2…And we’re at the finale! Woo hoo! You’ve lived through the 2010s via ska music, once again! We’re closing it out with another load of fantastic tracks! Most of these are songs I was surprised to find that I hadn’t played earlier for all y’all!

So, let’s get real… I’ve done these “mix tapes” for the 1960s – 2010s now, I’ve done 18 sets of 23 episodes for a total of 414 episodes, and there’s a handful of episodes over at GeekNerdery that I’ve done (but I repeat songs on that one… so… it’s not “cannon?”) and I’ve tried various interview shows over the years (the most recent being “the Ska After Party” and if you’re up for it, I’m still doing that with co-host Matt Vest on “On the Upbeat”), so it begs the question… where do I go from here with 23min of Ska? Is there still gas left in the tank? I sure hope so! I have some ideas, hopefully you’ll come along with me, but do me a favor, tell your ska loving friends about this show… Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of folks saying “Hey check out this band, I just discovered them!” and I’m all “WHAT! I’ve been playing them for years, because that BAND IS AWESOME!” I just want to spread all the ska love, help me out here, eh? Thanks, and I’ll see you all next week!

00:00 – Deal’s Gone Bad – Tell Me what You Know (About Love) (Heartbreaks and Shadows ’14)
03:41 – SKA Petarda – Al Capone (Niewypał ’16)
07:12 – Run and Punch – It’s Not You (No Loose Ends ’13)
09:14 – the Smoking Barrels – in “for” (Unfinished Business ’11)
11:40 – the Shifters – I’m in Love (Limited Edition Tour EP ’13)
14:26 – the Loose Ties – Your Last Chance (Champ of the Week ’12)
16:18 – Soweto – Don in the Arena (Turn on the Music Again ’17)
19:18 – Rudebeard – Au Revoir (Smell Yer Ska ’19)

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Bonus : Five Coloured Rings

I don’t really get caught up in Olympic fever, sports aren’t really my thing. Saying that, I’ve always thought that the idea of the entire world converging in one spot was pretty damn cool. Even if it was sport related. So, in the spirit of gathering things from around the world, I have an awesome, highly international (because that’s the point) episode for you today. This podcast features bands from Greece, Australia, Korea, the USA, France, Japan, Sweden and Germany respectively. Enjoy it, I know I did discovering these bands and putting this together.

the Smoking Barrels – Modulation (Unfinished Business ’11)
the Resignators – Booze & Tattoos (See You in Hell ’10)
Witches – 떳다!!그녀!! (Ddota!! Kunyo!!) (Broomstick ’02)
the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Cowboy Coffee (More Noise & Other Disturbances ’91)
65 Mines Street – Brand New Spring (65 Mines Street ’10)
Unscandal – 月の明かりにてらされて (Strike ’00)
Mobster – Colourblind (Rough & Ready ’10)
Wisecräcker – Porque te vas (the Pact ’10)

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