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23min of Ska : Smart-Aleck Kill

23skaTRADEOFFI don’t do all cover episodes very often, usually sprinkling well done ska covers in as I find them, but these all kinda came to me at the same time, and I said to myself “Hey, let’s put ’em all together, ska cover party! Let’s do this!” So hear some great ska takes on some fantastic songs!

00:00 – Steady 45s – Sleepwalk (Greenleaf Special ’16)
03:27 – Mustard Plug – Roots Radicals (Hooligans United comp ’15)
05:51 – the Pomps – She Bangs the Drum (She Bangs the Drum ’16)
09:25 – Phoenix City All-Stars feat. Freddie Notes – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Skatisfaction ’14)
12:25 – the Phantoms – Apache (Their Legendary 4th ’16)
16:04 – Party Like It’s… – All About That Bass (All About That Bass ’15)
18:41 – the Holophonics – Four Simple Words (B Side? Is that Still a Thing? ’15)

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23min of Ska : Happy No Year, You Cynics

23ska-bwplaidHere we are again at the start of a brand new year. Once again setting out to try and do better by ourselves. I resolve to keep making a weekly ska podcast, so I hope that that is OK with all of you. Is it? Kick ass, I knew it would be!

the Steady 45s – Leave Me (Easygrooves Vol. 1 ’13)
New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble – John & James (New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble ’95)
Jackie Méndez – Hard to Handle (Introducing… Jackie Méndez ’13)
OreSkaBand – Good Bye Déjà Vu (OreSkaBand ’07)
Skavoovie & the Epitones – the Coffee Connection (the Growler ’99)
the Pietasters – G to F (All Day ’07)
Bombshell Academy – Liar Liar (Skaholics Anonymous ’13)

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