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23min of Ska : Look! It’s the 6th Anniversary Show

23ska-diceIt’s true listeners, we’ve made it to the 6 year mark! I’m not going to lie, I never thought I’d take it this far! I figured I’d give it a good shot for 3 years and see how things go. Due to the support of many listeners and many bands I’ve been happy to continue doing this little podcast for any ska fan that downloads it. Thanks, for real, thanks!

00:00 – the Siren Six! – All in the Family (UK Version) (the Voice with the Built in Promise ’97)
03:50 – BOP (harvey) – Man in Disguise (Bread & Circuses ’90)
06:28 – the Smooths – Look Out (No Breaks ’98)
09:51 – My Man Friday – Dissatisfied (Night of the Exotic Tiki Gods ’99)
13:39 – the Stretch Band – Lounging in a Mood Rut (Armstrong ’99)
15:38 – Fighting Gravity – Sally Brown (live) (Hello Cleveland ’99)
19:46 – the Insteps – Always Remember (Eleven Steps to Power ’96)

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Rerun-ish : 23min of Ska : Excuse Me Mr.

A Note: This episode first “aired” in September of 2012. Well, not exactly. The original episode has one song in it that has been swapped out for another. See, when I first made this episode I’d planned on using “Mr. Tragedy” by the Slackers, then I saw I wanted to use a different Slackers song in another episode right after this one and didn’t want my listeners to have some Slackers overkill, so I replaced it w/ “Mr. Pink” by the Articles. This wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that I’d just used “Mr. Pink” in a episode about a month before! Whoops! I didn’t realize this until it was far too late. Then in the next episode the Slackers song I was going to use there got edged out and delayed for a while, meaning I could’ve totally done what I wanted w/o worry and not have played that Articles song twice… if only I had a time machine… So here is the episode as it was originally intended!

Here’s the episode’s original write up (w/ a few minor changes): In honor of my awesome cat Mr. Pants, here is a whole bunch of songs for the Misters! There is a lot of absolute classics in here! You can’t beat the Toasters, the Articles the Slackers or the Smooths! Hands down, great songs by great bands! New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble and Pressure Cooker also the deliver the good diggin’ down on the ska sound. The Stretch Band (AKA Stretch Armstrong) throws in a cover of one of my favorite Devo songs, and while it loses the ska beat every now and again, it is so good, I couldn’t leave it out! Then smack in the middle of all this, I hit you with Jorge and the Landladies incredibly lush and psychedelic sound. If you don’t have that album yet, I don’t know what more convincing you’ll need.

the Toasters – Mr. Trouble (Skaboom! ’87)
New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble – Mr. Pitiful (Low Blow ’97)
the Stretch Band – Mr. DNA (Mashin’ Potatoes comp ’00)
Jorge & the Landladies – Mr. David (Monobound ’12)
Pressure Cooker – Mr. Precious (Future’s History ’06)
the Slackers – Mr. Tragedy (the Great Rocksteady Swindle ’10)
the Smooths – Mr. Figurehead (Very Own Vegas ’96)

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23min of Ska : Hello to New Life

23ska-blueplaidHere we go! Another week of great ska music! Old & new, from near and far, by friends and strangers, it’s all good stuff. This is the 111th episode of 23min of Ska all together, sure, I count the specials, bonuses, guest episodes and interviews differently, but that’s still 111 23 minute chunks of ska out in the world! Technically this is episode 73 of the regular standard 23min of Ska show, and that still BLOWS MY MIND! A little idea back in December of 2009 that started on Jan 23rd of 2010 has grown a lot! Thanks for sticking around, seriously! Enjoy the music!

the Pomps – A Shaky Truce (Top of the Pomps! ’12)
Sammy K & the East Los Three – Maybe (I’ll Take You Back) (Sammy K & the East Los Three ’12)
Stretch – Rodent Deoderant (Armstrong ’96)
Bombskare – Damaged Goods (Fistful of Dynamite ’09)
the Nix86 – I’m Sorry (Evil Empurr ’12)
Rude King – Love Bomb (Ruder, Better, Faster, Stronger ’11)
Johnny Socko – When the Bough Breaks (Oh, I Do Hope it,s Roast Beef! ’95)

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Special: Ska Round Table Vol. 1

When old ska fans get together to talk about the good ole days, they always want to share some of the songs from their adventures. In this episode, me, James and Randy hang out and talk about some of the biggest ska shows we’ve been to and some of the best ska shows we’ve been to, all the while sharing songs. Why James and Randy? Why because, like me, they also run their own ska podcasts! So yeah, it is like a big ska podcaster meet up, and you the listener are rewarded! There was a LOT of stuff recorded for this and to tell the truth, I thought the finished product was going to be a lot more talk heavy, but as I was editing it all together this was starting to take shape and BAM! I knew it was the way to go!

23min of Ska: 23Ska.com
the Ska Geek: theSkaGeek.blogspot.com
Ska Crazy: SkaCrazy.com

Skankin’ Pickle – Gas in My Car (the Green Album ’96)
the Siren Six! – One Sided (the Voice with the Built in Promise ’97)
the Smooths – Commander 7 to Space Boy (No Brakes ’98)
the Mighty Mighty Bosstones w/ the Pietasters – Ocean (Music for Our Mother Ocean II ’97)
Hepcat – the Secret (Right On Time ’98)
Stretch – Truth Surrup (Armstrong ’96)

If you’re in a ska band and would like to be interviewed or have a song featured, please email me at radjose[at]gmail[dot]com.

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