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23min of Ska : the Man Who Liked Dogs

23skaaxeI’ll come right out and say it, I think ska music is pretty damn great. No, really, I know after nearly seven years of doing this podcast that you might doubt my commitment, but by golly, I’m in it to win it! Win what? Well your ears, my friend! To flip them on to some great ska music that you never knew you loved before!

00:00 – the Stiff Joints – Mona Lisa (Mona Lisa ’16)
02:44 – the Toasters – Dog Eat Dog (Enemy of the System ’02)
06:57 – the Suppressors – Jump Up Girl (Setting it Straight ’15)
09:34 – the Expanders – Jericho (Old Time Something Come Back Again ’12)
12:40 – Bombskare – Do All Dogs Go to Heaven? (the Day the Earth Stood Stupid ’13)
17:12 – Threat Level Burgundy – SPAZ (…and Then Things got Weird ’13)

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