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23min of Ska : Five Word Song Title Gimmick

Hey, wake up sleepy head!

Let’s go listen to ska!

00:00 – the Simulators – Take a Chance on Me (Take a Chance on Me ’22)
03:03 – Common Sense Kid – Blinded by a Black Hole (Blinded by a Black Hole ’22)
06:57 – the Anchorage – When I’m in the Grave (Wild Stories ’22)
10:33 – the Tellways – Believe Them the First Time (Out to the Cosmos ’21)
14:12 – the Classy Wrecks – Running for the F Train (Still Stubborn – Volume 2 comp ’22)
17:15 – For the Record – Another Notch in My Notebook (Fake it til You Make it ’22)
20:49 – Razika – Why Have We to Wait (Program 91 ’11)

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You Call It Vol. 20

Two weeks ago I asked my Instagram for suggestions on what to play and I got a BUNCH of responses! The first problem was that I got suggested a lot of songs I’ve played before, but hey, I still had more than enough to create a kickin’ episode! Big thanks to everyone who took the time to make suggestions, and let’s start 2021 off right!

00:00 – Nate Funk – Seasonal Depression Stomp (Clownsuit ’21)
01:56 – OMNIGONE – Swallow Poison (Ska Against Racism comp ’20)
04:01 – the Stiff Joints – Pop a Knocker (First Proper Album ’17)
06:31 – Fence – Hearts of Gold (Stories to be Told ’03)
08:58 – JER – a Message to My Future Self (a Message to My Future Self ’20)
11:36 – the Tellways – I don’t Need to Tell You (Out to the Cosmos ’21)
14:21 – Bad Manners – Down Berry Wood (Heavy Petting ’97)
19:07 – the Space Heaters – Guns of Navarone (the Space Heaters ’96)

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23min of Ska is produced weekly by RJ Phoenix
Want to submit your band? Email: submissions@23ska.com
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