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23min of Ska : Shining Knight

23skaKNIGHTThe official 150th episode! Hurrah! It deserves the royal treatment! Also, I’ve been drinking red wine all night, then stayed up way to late to scrap half of this episode just so that I could make it better for all you listeners! See, I’ll totally go the extra mile, because after all these episodes, I still love ska music and my listeners so so much! Ok, that might be the wine talking, but it doesn’t make it less true!

00:00 – Desmond Dekker & the Specials – King of Ska (King of Ska ’93)
02:47 – the Amphetameanies – Prince Albert (Right Line in Nylons ’00)
04:32 – Johnny Socko – Dancing Queen (Quatro ’99)
07:15 – the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Rascal King (Let’s Face It ’97)
09:57 – Discoballs – Modern Princess (Dance Like Nobody’s Watching ’14)
12:47 – King Django – Every Breath You Take (Anywhere I Roam ’13)
16:17 – Prince Buster & the Trojans – Dance Cleopatra (Live in London ’89)

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23min of Ska : May Mix Tape : the ’80s : Side A (part two)

MayMixTape-80s-sideApart2Now here’s an episode I’m worried about. These bands aren’t the heaviest of hitters when it comes to name recognition, but I assure you, they’re every bit as good as any of the ’80s ska bands that you’re more familiar with. If you hadn’t heard of any of these acts before, well, seriously, you’re in for a blue beat treat!

00:00 – No Sports – Heidi (King Ska ’89)
03:07 – the Loafers – Bad News (Contagious ’89)
06:30 – Shot Black & White – Day In / Day Out (Understand ’88)
09:12 – the Army – Kick it Down (Kick it Down / Mr. Average ’81)
11:51 – the Burial – Sheila (a Day on the Town ’86)
14:08 – el Bosso & die Ping Pongs – Immer Nur Ska! (Immer Nur Ska ’89)
17:16 – Lou & the Hollywood Bananas – Wings of a Dove (Wings of a Dove ’80)
20:25 – the Trojans – I Don’t Like It (Ala-ska ’87)

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