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23min of Ska : Search for the Open Gate

Last week I brought you familiar ska songs, that weren’t done in a ska style, this week I bring you some ska songs, but the artists aren’t known for being ska bands (even though some have some bona fide ska connections). Enjoy this slightly sideways listen to our favorite sound, because ska is for everyone!

00:00 – Anna Hanski – Verhon Takana (Ma and Pa) (Skysyiset Unet ’90)
03:00 – Joe Jackson Band – Pretty Boys (Beat Crazy ’80)
06:36 – the Orion Experience – Like Sexy Dynamite (Cosmicandy ’07)
09:36 – the Uninvited – What God Said (Uninvited ’98)
12:31 – die Ärzte – Schunder-Song (Ein Song namens Schunder ’05)
15:34 – the Living End – Trapped (the Living End ’98)
18:57 – the Vines – Factory (Highly Evolved ’02)
22:03 – Gnarboots – Song 3 (A.L.B.U.M. ’12)

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23min of Ska : God Loves, Man Kills

23skaGODLOVESWell… I tried my damnedest to stick to the topic at hand, but it got a little too depressing. Also, this one got pretty reggae-y, which is usually not my style, but everything fit so well! I guess a few more songs about unity could’ve been in order, but I’ve played so many of them before. I feel bad that I’d also already used the Smoke Like a Fish song “God Loves, Man Kills” on an episode last Summer! Also of note, the final song on here is by the Uninvited, they’re not a ska band at all, but have played a few ska tracks here and there, this track is obviously one of them.

00:00 – the Jellycats – Hysteria (When I Do ’12)
02:16 – Night Gaunts – We are Not Afraid (We’re Fucking Terrified) (Conversations with Creation ’15)
05:35 – Johnny Nine and the Racers – Human Nature (Chin Up ’09)
07:42 – Abraskadabra – Man on Demand (Abuse) (Fun as in Fungus ’14)
10:18 – the Last Slice – Strike (Underground ’14)
13:15 – Goldfinger – Downpressor Man (Darrin’s Coconut Ass ’99)
16:45 – the Expanders – Man Should Not Hold Back (Old Time Something Come Back Again ’12)
20:02 – the Uninvited – What God Said (Uninvited ’98)

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23min of Ska : Sarcastic Episode Title

After two an a half years of constant and regular ska music updates I decided to give you a taste of some of the non-ska bands I listen to. That’s right, we have an alternative band from the late 90s, a new wave band from the 80s, a hip-hop/pop act from Japan, an awesome pop punk band, Boston’s answer to power pop mod music, a lo-fi disco punk band out of Scotland, an 80s hit maker/machine and a side project band from the pop geniuses in XTC. That’s right, not a single ska band in the bunch! So take a listen to this, it is all so great! I mean, really for none of these bands being ska bands, they turn in some awesome music… that sounds almost like… wait a minute…

the Uninvited – I Shoulda been an Astronaut (It’s All Good ’99)
Oingo Boingo – Violent Love (Violent Love ’80)
HALCALI – 浪漫飛行 (Roman Hikou) (浪漫飛行; Romantic Flight ’10)
NOFX – Anarchy Camp (the War on Errorism ’03)
the Pills – the Devil’s Song (Wide Awake with the Pills ’98)
bis – icky-poo air raid (Che Trading Limited #4 compilation ’95)
Billy Joel – Running on Ice (the Bridge ’86)
the Colonel – Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen (Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen/I Need Protection ’80)

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