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23min of Ska : Alicia Huberman

23spyHubermanAfter I put this episode together, and much too late, I realized that I missed my chance to look for and include a song by the name “Notorious.” I guess part of the problem was that none came to mind. Anyway, here’s the new episode, I hope you dig it, I have been enjoying this one all week (the spoils of being prepared for once!)

00:00 – After the Ibis – Sober (Sober ’17)
04:19 – the Slackers – Please Decide (Wasted Days ’01)
07:26 – Abraskadabra – Live it Up (Fun as in Fungus ’14)
10:35 – the Unlimiters – Hard Times (the Unlimiters ’10)
13:25 – the Bandulus – She’s Fire (the Times We Had ’12)
16:37 – the Good Skamaritans – Get You in the End (Let’s Rawk ’02)
18:53 – No Villains Left – She’s Not the One (2017 Demo ’17)

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